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The Wheaties Box Chronicles Sports history!

Who has chronicled sports history better than the iconic Wheaties box?

Many major sports milestones and sports legends have been documented on a Wheaties box.  I’ve been collecting sports related Wheaties boxes for years now and put this site together to share my hobby with other collectors.

I have my ENTIRE personal collection of Wheaties boxes on this site.  There are descriptions of hundreds and hundreds of different boxes with a picture of every single box.  And yes, I took every picture and it is the actual box in my collection.

Each category has the boxes in order from oldest to newest according to year.  You can search the site according to year or you can type in the description of the box to find what you want to see.  Each post has a picture and if you click that picture the thumbnail pops up.  Click the thumbnail for a detailed larger picture of the box.

It’s very user friendly.  You can even leave comments if you’d like.

The first seven categories to the left are main categories.  The next five are sub-categories.  That means that a box in a main category can also be in one or more sub-categories depending on the box.

I did this to make it easier to find a box you may like to see.

I am in no way related to or representing General Mills or Wheaties as they are registered trademarks.