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Posted by WK on Jul 4, 2010
1951 Johnny Lujack Chicago Bears

1951 Johnny Lujack Chicago Bears

Series #85B-B  1oz.

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  1. Mark Pavone says:

    Hi, My name is Mark from Canada. I am new to the wheaties box collecting. I am however a huge collector of the Chicago Bears and its player. Would you happen to have ( or know a resource) of a complete list of all Chiacgo Bears that have appeared on a Wheaties box. Thanks

  2. WK says:

    Hi Mark- My best advice for you would be to write down all of the boxes on this site including sizes and series numbers first. Then you may want to keep an eye on Ebay because people are always posting boxes there. If the posts don’t include the series numbers just ask the seller for the series number and note any that you don’t have yet.

    I don’t know of any one resource that has a complete list, but I really can’t imagine that there are many more than I have on this site.

    Keep checking back though because I’ll be posting a couple more Walter Payton boxes soon.

    Thanks for you interest!


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